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The Future Of Gaming Is Here!

ROK7 VRROK7 VR are virtual reality glasses that are the latest breakthrough in the world of technology and gaming. This light weight headset works with iOS and Android phones and is easy to assemble. Simply place your phone into the headset compartment and place over the eyes. Instantly, you will feel as if you have been transported into a literal virtual reality. The goal is to make users feel as if they are In a life size, 3D environment where you can look around at every angle and feel like you are in another dimension that you can walk through.

ROK7 VR is HD for maximum effect and includes the latest feature, eye tracking. Essentially, eye tracking sensors the motion of your eyes inside of the headset so ROK7 can pinpoint your exact location in the game. We added a high-resolution screen so you won’t feel like you are looking through a grid. Take your gaming to the next dimension, literally. Imagine living inside of your favorite game, movie or video, now you can. If you are a gaming fanatic or simply want the latest and hottest technology, order today. Now for a limited time we are offering an 80% discount with free shipping.

How ROK7 VR Box Works

This virtual reality box has a fantastic HD 1000 inch screen that gives users the ultimate omni-view. Connected to the box is an adjustable headband that fits all head sizes comfortably. Feel free to use ROK7 VR with your prescription glasses, too! Unlike other virtual reality headsets, this one is designed to reduce dizziness and motion sickness even after you’ve been wearing them for long amounts of time. This VR headset is compatible with iOS and Android phones. When in use, users will feel as if they are in another dimension due to the 3D environment effect from the lens and omni-dynamic view. Get your VR box today for the full discount.

Benefits Of Using ROK7 VR:

  • No Motion Sickness Feelings
  • Great Price For A Great Product
  • Free Shipping & 80% Off Discount
  • Fits All Head Shapes & Sizes
  • Can Wear With Prescription Glasses

ROK7 VR Key Features

Step into the future and live in the reality of your most treasured games, movies and videos. This is the latest version headset and is highly durable with lots of key features that set it apart from other VR’s. Claim yours today at an 80% discount with free shipping, you won’t find a better offer anywhere else! This also makes a fantastic gift just in time for the holidays.

  • 42 mm 3D-Omni Dynamic Virtual View
  • Works On iOS and Android Phones
  • Contains Adjustable Head Strap
  • Light Weight & Highly Durable
  • Declined Motion Sickness

ROK7 VR 80% Off Discount

Now for a limited time only, you can purchase ROK7 VR at an 80% of discount for retail price and we also throw in free shipping. Get the experience you’ve been missing out on and join us in the future. To get your box today, simply click on any order button to get started. You will be directed to another page where you can choose what quantity you would like to purchase. Shipping of your reality glasses takes anywhere from 3-5 business days to arrive. Order today and start living in the future.

ROK7 VR Discount

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